The Confectionary Arts Guild of New Jersey

Because it's not "just cake!" 

A Message from CAG President

Dear members of Confectionary Arts Guild, it is with a heavy heart that the Board has made the decision to disband the organization.
The Days of Sharing have gotten farther apart because of disinterest, low attendance and the Internet making it easier for learning and socializing without coming to a Day of Sharing.
We were to have an election of new officers at the next Day of Sharing but I only received 1 e-mail with an offer to help.  The officers that are in now can not just keep going.  According to our by-laws we only have a 2 year term.
Also according to our by-laws any money left in the treasury will be given to a charity.
Toni Hartman has offered her home for a get together reunion in the future.
I will keep your e-mail addresses and let you know when it will happen.  If you would like your e-mail address deleted please let me know.
If you have any questions or would like to comment please call me. 



Our Congratulations to our member, Toni Hartman! In November, Toni won 1st Place and Gold Medal from the Paris Gourmet at the Javits Center, NYC. Bravo!

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