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Because it's not "just cake!" 


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Cake Pricing

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Here’s what I came across which might help you out in pricing your delicious and beautiful cakes!



It's Not Just Cake

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I was browsing along and came across this passage that spoke to me as a person who is reminded all too often that it is ‘just cake’.


Cake is the centerpiece of your party. It’s the entertainment. It’s what people will remember. No one ever takes a picture with a salad. Or with decorative napkins. Real cake takes time… and practice (Which is just another way of saying time.) Cake also takes foresight and engineering. Because a cake’s natural state is that of “lump”, you should say: “Cake shouldn’t be able to do that” and you would be absolutely right, but that is what makes it all the more amazing.


So I ask you…What do you think???

The Med. Student's Father

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So I work for a wholesale store bakery as a baker and cake decorator. If you're not familiar with this type of bakery, let me clarify: I work as a put-things-on-trays-er and an airbrush-this-sheetcake-er. Needless to say, any bit of humor can get me through the day, and one gentlemen was happy enough to provide it.

"He wants a telescope freehanded on the cake," my co-worker informed me, handing me an ice cream cake, "and it needs to say 'Congratulations on Your Med School Graduation.'"

I nodded, then hesitated. "Are you sure it's a telescope?" I asked, and she shrugged and told me to ask for myself.

"Yes, yes, telescope." The man replied after I asked if perhaps he meant microscope. He pulled out his iphone and showed me a picture of his son in his lab coat and pointed to the medical equiptment around his neck. "See?"

"Um, sir, that's a stethoscope." I said apologetically.

He did a double take before laughing and nodded. "Good thing he is the doctor, eh?" 

Sugar Blogging

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Welcome to CAGNJ where the sweetest people in New Jersey with some sweet folks from New York and Pennsylvannia meet and gather 4 times a year for days of sharing. We have been a sweet group for 25 years and counting!!!! Thanks to technology, we will keep you updated on whats new in the sugar industry!!! Come and visit our website and our blog as often as you can….