The Confectionary Arts Guild of New Jersey

Because it's not "just cake!" 


      The Confectionary Art Guild of NJ, located in Kearny, NJ, continues to generate worthwhile demonstrations from very talented and diverse cake artists in the Tri State area.

      All skill levels are welcomed in our membership from the professional cake artist, shop owners, hobbyist, and even beginners. We also welcome Jr. Memberships, who are aspiring to be future cake decorators. Since we are not a competitive group, we are here to treat each other as equals. We share our knowledge, time and talents with every member through open communications. 

      Have a question on how to accomplish a technique? Someone will help find the answer. Sharing is the admirable theme of our guild. 

--Karen Craig, President

25 Years

      We have been promoting cake decorating and sharing in New Jersey for 25 years. We count among our longtime members many of the individuals that have made cake decorating the art it has become including Betty Van Norstrand, Toba Garrett, Toni Hartman, Rosemary Watson, Pilar Gonzalez Nugent, and Colette Peters to name a few.

       In this time we have faced difficulties and confrontations but we are 25 years strong. Let us think back to the time of the mass cookbook and group trips to ICES and take virtue in the fact that after 25 years the core concept of this little club of ours has never changed: sharing and caring.

       We made a conscious choice to avoid competition between our members and the confrontations that arise from it. CAG has been, and will always remain an open forum for sharing and asking questions you might not get answers to under other circumstances. This most enduring strength has allowed us to survive where other clubs have failed. 

      Together we hold Days of Sharing with boisterous members eager to share their ideas and ask questions, hungry for hands- on demos that showcase their talent. We have supported local charities such as St. Joseph's food bank and The Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK), we have members featured in American Cake Magazine, and have been officially introduced to the 21st century with our very own website.

       Our members have been seen frequently on television with the cake decorating revolution that has taken over a host of prime time networks. These shows have brought our craft from the kitchen to the american living room with the magic of network programming. Now, when faced with our reasonable prices our customers know, "it's not just cake!" it's a centerpiece, a light show, an explosion, and hours upon hours of work by talented hands.

      Let us look forward to the next 25 years with our bylaws revised, our newly elected officers, and an outstanding legacy to back us through issues we will inevitably come across, but undoubtedly overcome, united as one.

Confectionatly Yours, 

Nancy Mitchko- President

10 Years

      It's our 10th anniversary. How is this possible? It's seemed like yesterday that Toni Hartman, Jane Jones, Betty Mackewich, Kathy Malinowski, Gladys Shikarjian, Rose Marie Tiefenbacher, Moe Vitcavich, and Rosemary Watson got together to form a club to share the ideas, experiences, and planned events to include others in what has become the Confectionary Arts Guild. Through the dedication and personal sacrifice, we developed a slate of officers: Betty Mackewich President, Kathy Malinowski Vice President, Toni Heartman Secretary, Moe Vitcavich Corresponding Secretary, Rosemary Watson Treasurer, Rose Marie Tiefenbacher Northern Representative, Jane Jones Central Representative, Donna Horn Southern Representative, Addy Verdon Newsletter Editor, and Rosemary Watson Newsletter Typist. 

      Our first Newsletter followed as a natural outgrowth of our club in April 1987. The club itself was modeled after ICES' caring and sharing concept. Our first venture was to compile a cookbook which we brought with us when we traveled in mass to the ICES convention in Grand Rapids Michigan, August 14, 1986. Many helped as we planned our first covered dish meetings in New Brunswick, held demos, and drafted our bylaws. "Ma Bell" remembers those days well, although I must add our original committee can't seem to recall exact details. 

      Could it be confectioner's sugar syndrome? 

       I am proud to be one of the founding members of CAG. Our club has offered sources of friendship, talent, and enrichment which far outweighs the efforts I, and we, put into it. It's corny but true, CAG touched our lives in a special way. Betty Mackewich reminded us in those early days that our strength would be in those meaningful ties while our weakness was pride and the certainty that disagreements could divide us. 

      As we go forward, let us have pride in our club and gratitude for wonderful possibilities and potential for the club has for all of us. I want to thank each and every one of you for your participation.

-Toni Hartman, President

Founded September, 1986